Canal Treatment


If the decay in the tooth is not cleaned and filling is made, it will continue to progress. If the progression of decay progresses towards living part passing through the middle of tooth that we call “pulp” and comprised of nerve-vascular bundle, inflammation of the tooth will begin.

In this case, pain also begins. Mostly, it is too late. Because it is not enough only to clean decay but it is also necessary to make canal treatment. It means that nerve-vascular bundle in the canals in pulp room and passing through the roots of tooth is removed, and the inflammatory tissues must be cleaned and then filled.

If it is delayed more, the inflammation becomes more severe and pain increases. In some progressive cases, tubercle around the tooth and / or face can be seen. Even it may lead up to pulling up the tooth.

Therefore, you should not set your routine dentist control back which is scheduled once in 6 months or a year and should immediately contact your dentist in the slightest pain complaint.

Canal Treatment Prices 2022

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