Dental Fillings


The bacteria within the mouth are hold on surfaces of tooth. If they are not removed with proper and adequate brushing, they lead to decay by being combined with sugar and acid in the environment. The decays do not cause any pain at the first step.

They can be detected by the dentist during intra-oral examination and x-ray. The earlier the caries are detected, the less loss of substance from the tooth and the smaller the dental fillings will be. As the size of the filling grows, unfortunately, its life is shortened.

Today, the fillings have 3 types as

  • Composite fillings (Ray-setting),
  • Porcelain fillings (Inlay, onleys),
  • Porcelain-reinforced composite fillings (Gradia)

All fillings have tooth colour and thus, aesthetical.

As amalgam fillings (with grey metallic colour) contain mercury within itself, it is not used anymore.

Dental Fillings Prices 2022

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