Dental Implant Turkey


Dental Implant Turkey

Cylindrical or screw-shaped titanium are artificial tooth roots.

The cavities formed in place of the teeth pulled out for various reasons must be filled. If it is not done, disruptions occur in the teeth adjacent to the pulling area. For example, if stomach tooth is pulled out, upper molar tooth may extend towards this cavity or side teeth may slide towards cavity. As a result of this, the integrity in the mouth is disrupted and then, the treatments to be done becomes much more complicated and difficult. For this reason, after pulling out tooth, the cavity must be immediately filled.

Traditionally for long years, we have cut the teeth in front of and behind the pulled tooth and we have made bridge prosthesis in order to fill the pulling cavity. But as a result of advancements in dentistry, dental implants have a significant role among the treatment options. We place dental implant to the alveoli bone in pulling area under local anaesthesia with a simple operation and fill missing tooth with porcelain crown on it three months later.

The implants are used for compensation of single or several missing teeth or in entire mouth rehabilitation. Our patients with no tooth in their mouth and using total prosthesis (plate) may have fixed prosthesis (if jawbones is available) thanks to 6-8 implants that are placed on jawbone and zirconium or metal-ceramics bridges fixedly pasted on them.

In the cases that the bone is inadequate depending on using prosthesis for long years or various reasons; we can make a movable prosthesis more stable by placing only 2 implants on jawbone. Accordingly, we bring the comfort that our patient has lost during the functional movements like talking, chewing again.

The dental implants seem and make you feel as if they are your teeth. They can be implemented on patient at all ages. The success rates are 92-98%. In the post-operation, no bruise, pain, tubercle is seen and also according to our patients, it is much easier than pulling out tooth. Also the implants stop negative physiological process occurred after pulling and prevent lose of bone and gingival recession in the placement area.

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