Dental Tomography


What is Jaw and Dental Tomography?

Dental tomography is an imaging method that enables the objects in the desired area to be seen more clearly by using X-rays and helps to obtain an image consisting of thin sections and containing volume.

What is the Difference between Dental Tomography and Classic Dental X-Rays?

The biggest difference between it and a classical dental x-ray is that in other x-rays, the image is seen in 2 dimensions like the page of a notebook, which means that the image is not transferred precisely and clearly. Thanks to the 3D jaw and dental tomography, the jawbone to be viewed is monitored in 3D.

This allows the thickness, length and width of the jawbones and teeth to be seen in fractions of a millimeter. Thus, it allows a detailed view of all teeth, jawbones and even around the airway cavities.

Dental Tomography Prices 2022

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