Laminate Veneer Turkey


Laminate Veneer Turkey

They are “leaf like porcelain covers” that we implement with only very small etching from front surfaces of teeth or without etching depending on the situation in some cases. The porcelain structures from 0.3 and 0.7 mm thickness are immovably pasted on front surfaces of teeth. This implementation may be exactly compared to prosthesis implementation made on nails. The patients will have an utterly different smile in a short while like 5 days.

How many should be made, whether it is necessary to arrange periodontal contours before vary depending on each case. Therefore, the dentist must evaluate the elements determining smile design very well during examination.

Sometimes only bleaching and laminate veneer on front 2 teeth are implemented to a patient to achieve the desired aesthetic result. And sometimes an approach involving more teeth in the entire smile line is required.

Laminate Veneer Prices 2022

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