Orthodontics Turkey


Orthodontics Turkey

The orthodontical treatment is a branch of dentistry correcting the wrong positioning in the teeth and jaws. The relation of teeth with each other as well as their places and positions in jaw curve, location of jaw by face, location of teeth by lip, condition of closing in reciprocal jaw relation are the factors affecting both aesthetics and health.

It is difficult to clean crowded teeth completely even if they are adequately and correctly brushed. This results in decays, plaque and tartar cumulation in the teeth and disruption of periodontal health. Even in the progressive cases, early loss of teeth can be seen. Also, crowded teeth or the jaws positioned in front or behind relative to the face significantly disrupt the aesthetics. Therefore, orthodontical treatments in both health and aesthetics aspect have a significant role in dentistry.

The adults may not want to have brackets on the front surface of their teeth due to their social positions. In such cases, the brackets pasted on back surfaces of teeth can be preferred. This is called “lingual orthodontics”. Also, depending on the condition of case, “invisalign” treatment option with transparent plaques and ending in a much shorter period can be possible.

The ideal orthodontical treatment age in children is the period after all temporary teeth are removed and permanent teeth remain (after completion of mixed dentition period). The mixed dentition period ends around 13 years old in average.

It is the most ideal orthodontic treatment time between the ages of 13 and 18, when bone development is rapid. But especially in some cases such as thumb sucking, not being able to leave feeding bottle or pacifier, early orthodontic approaches may be required.

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