Periodontal Diseases


Periodontal diseases are inflammation of support tissue around the tooth. It is a chronical disease affecting one or more tooth. It leads to early loss of teeth even if there is no decay.

The support tissues around the tooth are the fibres called periodontium connecting jawbone, gingiva and root of the tooth to the jawbone. The cases where the inflammation only affects gingiva is named as gingivitis. Gingiva is red, tumorous, bright and bleeding.

The cases where gingivitis progresses and inflammation reaches surrounding tissues such as periodontium and bone are defined as periodontitis. Bleeding in gingiva, red-purplish colour change, gingival recession, gingival growth, replacement, spacing, swing in teeth, abscess formation, bad breath are seen.

In treatment of periodontal diseases, scaling, curettage and / or flap operations are made depending on the case diagnosis.

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