Tooth Bleaching


“All colours of rainbow is hidden in her smile.”   Anonymous


When it comes to teeth, we always want the whitest possible tone. Because white teeth creates much more beautiful, clean and young image.

Tooth bleaching is a whitening process of colour of teeth chemically.

The colour of tooth that we genetically have gets much darker by time by being affected from all kinds of substance that we eat and drink. Especially all kinds of substance giving intense colour to teeth such as tea, coffee, cigarette, red wine, coke are its factors.

Bleaching process both takes these colours back which have penetrated to teeth within years and open the colour of our tooth that is genetically dark. Therefore, in recent years, it has become a cosmetic beauty care tool which is made every 1-2 years. It has no damage to teeth.

It can be implemented in three ways

  • Home-type bleaching
  • Office-type bleaching
  • Combined (home + office-type) bleaching

The studies show that the combined implementation provide the most effective and permanent results.

Tooth Bleaching Prices 2022

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