Zirconium Tooth Cover


This is a type of a cover (crown-bridge prosthesis) with a ceramic substructure strengthened without metal support. Previously, there was a metal within all covers. But thanks to the advanced science and technology, we can use zirconium which is a material equally resistant to masticatory forces like metal.

Zirconium is both a tissue-friendly material and gives much more aesthetical results as it has light transmittance. Zirconium tooth cover does not have the disadvantages of metal such as corrosion within mouth or causing allergic reaction. Therefore, metal has recently replaced ceramic prosthesis and being commonly used in dentistry.

It is preferred especially in back area teeth and long bridges or over-implant fixed prosthesis. In front area teeth and shorter bridges like 3 member, we recommend glass ceramics giving much more aesthetics result, imitating natural tooth much better and having higher transparency.

Zirconium Tooth Cover Prices 2022

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